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My Funny Valentine: I’m Max, He’s Kyle

I had an interesting conversation today with a good friend.

I was talking to her about the guy friend who I always argue with slash and am ridiculously attracted to.  You all know I’ve mentioned him before.

She simply said. “I like it.”

I asked her why.

In her opinion, this strange friendship was good for me. The back and forth, the sniping, the exchange of barbs and even honest, heated debates about our own shortcomings, and the undeniable attraction, she said is exactly what I need right now.

She said it was one of those things that you just go with the flow with. I told her that he told me he “sucks at relationships.” He also claims to use my healing and fully getting over my last relationship as my stumbling block.

I said I told him we’d either crash and burn or be insane enough to actually work.

Either way, I don’t think anything serious between us would happen anytime soon.

This, my friend believes is actually a good thing. What we have, she said seems to be sexy and fun and why not just sit back and enjoy it.

He still manages to stick around even after our most intense battles.

We even have nicknames for each other.

We argue. We flirt. Then argue some more.

We recommend books to read and places to eat and travel.

He’s handsome and reminds me of one of my favorite musicians.

When I think of him, and us, I think of one of the most difficult, sexually tense couples in the history of sitcoms, Kyle and Max of “Living Single.”

Whenever I describe our “relationship” I say Kyle and Max, and my friends give a knowing smile and just laugh.

But after the discussion, I thought to myself, OMG! This situation is helpful, because I’m feeling things I thought would take forever to feel again. I know I can grow something with someone else. Someone else can make me feel a little giddy, and sexy. Someone else makes me want to go out of my way to do something nice to make that person smile.

Even if nothing did come out of this situation romantically or permanently, my funny valentine showed me, I can feel these feelings again for someone besides my ex. That is a gift. A real gift. Oh that bastard( I call him that to his face, usually preceded with these interchangeable adjectives: egotistical, arrogant or pompous.)! I didn’t see it. He just might be an evil genius.

I will now share with you their official first date of Max and Kyle. Watch the whole thing (it’s only 9 mins and hilarious), it’s really funny and man they did a mean tango.

And I’ll throw in a bonus. Love this too, and Kyle is singing… “My Funny Valentine.” Please watch Max as she looses it as the song goes on…

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6 thoughts on “My Funny Valentine: I’m Max, He’s Kyle

  1. Max and Kyle = HOT!! Sit back and ENJOY!

  2. ebonyrose01 on said:

    I totally understand. I have two male friends that I argue with like that. One I am sexually attracted, the other not so much. My mom told me a few weeks ago that I like men like Kyle. Sit back and enjoy the ride 🙂

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