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I think I have a crush.

It’s been taking years to develop, but I’m willing to step forward and admit it.

There’s a really cute guy in the service department of the dealership I go to to get car repairs done.

He’s always very nice, and polite, and HONEST about the work I need to get done, and helps me figure out the least painful ways to get my car fixed and still keep me safe on the road.

He’s like a hero to me.

I’ve been gushing to everyone about how helpful he’s been during these past painful weeks of car trouble.

While some of the other guys in there over exaggerate on the estimates, he doesn’t.

I think I kind of sort of flirt with him, and I can’t figure out if he is feeling it or not. I didn’t give it much thought previously because I was in a relationship and at one point I was engaged.

But hmmm. The fact that I wore a sundress, flat ironed my hair and wore lipstick to be at the shop by 8 a.m. today, um, yup. It’s official. I have a crush.

Couple that with him saving me $300, and giving me a loaner (when they usually drop me off), I’m swooning.

He seems quiet and polite, a rarity these days. And he’d get points from my dad for knowing about cars. My dad always wants me to date a man that knows something about cars.

He seems really quiet and polite, he laughs at my jokes. I may be too much for him. I can be loud and a little crass.

He doesn’t wear a wedding ring, but who knows? He may have a girlfriend. He may have a boyfriend. He may just humor me as a customer because, well he’s supposed to be nice.

One of my homies said I should go for it.

But I already know that’s a bad move. This same friend says I have the “Erykah Badu effect” on men. I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

*Erykah Badu Effect: When one’s lovin is so good, it makes men ecclectic, vegetarian, go on life journeys to get themselves together post relationship. i.e. Andre 3000, Common… (For more on the Erykah Badu effect, one blogger breaks it down here in a post called, “Magic Genitals.” Too funny.)

I can’t Badu him because I like getting my car fixed there, I like him being nice to me and if it went horribly, I’m quite sure he and his colleagues would find more things wrong with my car all of a sudden.

I told my friend it was too risky.

The only way I could do it is if I bought a new car from a competing company and rolled in there to ask him out.

I also wonder if I’m romanticizing this guy because whenever I have car trouble, I’m already vulnerable and stressed out.

He could be a jerk, or a slob. He could have four babies mothers. Maybe he’s on a work release program.

Oh, but he seems so nice.

Did I mention he has one brown eye and one grey one? It’s strangely unique, thus more exciting to me.

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8 thoughts on “Crushin

  1. detroitraised on said:

    Someone’s got a crush. No seriously, I’m all for keeping my service right and tight and looking for love, lust or whatever elsewhere.

    • I know the right thing to do is to admire him from afar and protect my car.. I was considering posting the video from this song! Great minds think alike. This song is more fitting because it’s a small crush. The Zhane crush song is far more deep, but I love that song. LOL.

  2. I’ve totally been there before. But it was a crush on a supervisor from a different department at the store I worked at. My friends were split 50/50 but I ended up deciding that I shouldn’t mix business with pleasure. Even if he had the sweetest smile and the most sparkling eyes I had ever encountered….

    Also, after reading the word “Crush” a couple of times I can’t get the Mandy Moore song out of my head. I’m going to have to go listen to it somewhere in secret….

    • Awww. Sometimes you just got to let it go. I’ll pick up my car later and just think of what could have been. LOL. After more thought, sometimes crushes are more fun. You can make up in your mind how great they are and not be disappointed. Cest la vie!

  3. Ur thinking too much..Just go for it with your eyes open

    • I think too much about everything. I did ask one of my dear guy friends to introduce me to his “fourth tier friends” who aren’t that close to him in case it doesn’t work out.

  4. I think you should go for it too! Unless you want to get your car fixed alot.

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