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My Sexy, According to Me

I wrote down a list yesterday of things that made me feel sexy, whether or not they had anything to do with my outward appearance or even sex for that matter.

It was a fun exercise. Because I think if I do these things more often, I’d probably feel more fabulous. We should want to feel more fabulous.

Here’s the list.

1. Long baths.

2. Freshly threaded eyebrows.

3. A flattering shade of lipstick.

4. Knee high boots.

5. Back seam pantyhose.

6. Form-fitting clothing (before eating).

7. My glasses. (It took me a long time to get to this point! I was always taking them off trying to be sexy. Blind, but damn it, sexy.)

8. Fresh sheets.

9. Sleeping naked.

10. Pencil skirts.

11. A good night’s sleep.

12. Form-fitting jeans and high heels.

13. Lacy underwear under a business suit.

14. A genuine compliment.

15. Black eyeliner.

16. Yoga pants.

17. Bootie shorts in the house.

18. Painted toe nails.

19. Pretty slips.

20. Laying under a slow ceiling fan after a shower or bath on a hot day.

21. Being an arm piece for a man wearing a suit.

22. Cooking breakfast in my bootie shorts after lovemaking.

23. My gap.

24. Laughing.

25. Passionately arguing my point with a handsome, equally passionate man.

26. Perfume.

27. Candles.

28. Sade’s voice.

29. Crabcakes.

30. Cold Stone cake batter ice cream. (I have to eat it alone because I let out soft involuntary moans while eating it. I accept this now.)

31. Raphael Saadiq’s “Stone Rollin” (I really think I’m the girl in this video.)

What are the little, simple things that make you feel sexy?

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8 thoughts on “My Sexy, According to Me

  1. I have a gap too!! I love it! 🙂

  2. Victoria’s Secret anything, black eyeliner, whitened teeth, braided hair, glowing skin (moist from a soft sweat), grease all over me after working on a car/coveralls tied at my waist with a tank on top, shaved legs with moisturizer, painted toes and french manicures, reading, laughter, my glasses, dancing in the rain (with someone or by myself), a good messy bun, having a well supported argument with an equal opponent, making love in the early morning as the sun peeks through the shades, sun dresses, a bubble bath, giggling in bed with my best friend, baking naked, my “angel kiss” freckles.

    • Freckles are awesome. I have small ones. You have to really be up on me to see them. How could I forget the sundress??? Great list! Great list! Messy buns are fantastic too!

      • My freckles are small and light too! They come out to play in the summer though =) Really enjoyed your post. It made me feel all, well, sexy! And that’s always nice to feel!

  3. #30 is awesome!
    I love wearing lovely matching underthings- even under jeans and a teeshirt, knowing what’s under it makes me feel like a woman.
    Putting on lipgloss is also something I always feel sexy doing!

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