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Zumba: The Great Equalizer

I’ve been itching to write this post since my first Zumba class two weeks ago.

Now that I’ve been going twice a week for two weeks now, I feel like I have the right to speak on this now.

I’m still a newbie, however, I didn’t give up, and now it is a part of my scheduled week, so I can say something with authority. Yesterday, I didn’t feel like going, but I did anyway and when you do that, you can officially say you are doing something and can make comments.

I get the Zumba craze. I really do.

People can go at their own pace and still sweat as long as they keep moving.

If you don’t get a step just right you can modify it and make up your own (or insert a gratuitous Beyoncé uh oh dance) and no one thinks you look crazy.

But the number one reason Zumba is great besides all of that is because anyone can do it. Elderly women, small women, large women, some men, some large men, children.

The main and only person guaranteed to do everything right and look hot doing it is the instructor, who does this multiple times a day, every day.

The rest of us are winging it.

Zumba is an equalizer.

Some of the rail thin chicks with great bodies have no rhythm.

Some of the thickest mammas in the joint can go step for step.

The old women can keep moving, when people who went too hard are winded.

There’s always a move in the course of the class that is “your move” where you know you are doing it right and you look good doing it, and that’s the one you do the hardest.

Everybody from the youngest to the eldest, the smallest to the thickest has their move. You can look around the room at any point in the class and see that moment happening. It varies from step to step and song to song. It’s a fun thing to watch. I smile at the people doing “their move,” and they smile back.

Madame Sexy Abs, you can't dance. photostock/freedigitalphotos.net

I was a bit angry when a really toned woman decided to ceremoniously take off her tee-shirt to reveal her color-coordinated sports bra and toned abs.

However, justice was served when during a few of the songs I was going step for step and she was stumbling and bumbling along.

Ah, Zumba is the great equalizer. Take that Madame Sexy Abs!

I was telling my friend my theory about Zumba being an equalizer and she was saying how uncomfortable she was with the gym and group classes because they seem competitive.

I’ve done it all, and I think Zumba is not competitive at all unless you try to compare yourself to Madame Sexy Abs, but we’ve already learned. She can’t dance!! Whoo hoo! Zap. Equalized!!!

My friend explained that she was never really athletically inclined and hated gym class all through out her education and that rope-climbing and push ups and situps were embarrassing and confidence-crushing experiences.

In today’s schools it seems physical education is getting cut from the budget anyway, but I do think it’s a good idea to incorporate Zumba to get the kids moving (they’ll think they are dancing). I would have done Zumba over square dancing any day (although it was an opportunity to touch cute boys who never talked to you under normal circumstances).

There’s no equipment to buy, and the kids who can’t ring the bell at the top of the rope (or even get past the second knot) can participate with some confidence because they can see that the big football player could use a little help with his samba too.


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272 thoughts on “Zumba: The Great Equalizer

  1. you sound bitter.

    • Ha, ha Rich. Not bitter. Insanely jealous, yet insanely motivated. Less than five years ago I was Miss Sexy Abs. It’s time to get to work and stop eating junk. Thanks for your comment and reading!

    • I loved your commentary on Zumba: the Great Equalizer. Over ten years ago I was so inspired to dance off the weight, and the bonus I found was that exercise could be fun! I became so inspired I started teaching Zumba three years ago! I wanted to inspire others to love Zumba as much as I do. Since then, I have formed a Zumba family with other instructors and students in my area. When people ask me, “Where do I take a Zumba class?” I direct them to the Official Zumba website…just look for a class in your area!!! Join Zumba events posted by your lisenced Zumba instructor and a whole new world opens up! Zumba offers Aqua Zumba, Zumba toning, Zumba Gold, Zumba Sentao….whoot whoot. Who would have thought Zumba would change peoples lives? Not me! My husband laughs at me….someday I am gonna get him to love it too!! Shake and shimmy it’s all good.

  2. So, explain “Zumba.” Is this arobics?

    • It is an aerobic workout, but basically it incorporates dance moves from a mixture of latin/african beats and music. Very high energy. There’s a class called Zumba tone where they also use light weights. I haven’t tried that yet. Sorry, it would have made a bit of sense to include a link or a quick paragraph describing Zumba. Thanks for reading!

    • Zumba is a dance fitness class. One difference from an aerobic class is that instructors do not speak, we cue. Another difference is that we do not play the same routines for every song. Each song has unique steps. We do not practice the steps at the beginning of each song as many aerobic or hip hop classes do. We believe is a waste of precious workout time and it slows your metabolism by stopping to learn the moves. Movements are repetitive, easy to follow and some could be mind teasers. The music is intense and could be slow too making it sort of an interval training if music is selected right. The key is really the music, when you take a Zumba class you are traveling around the world. People like the fact that they are able to move and enjoy to do so with a variety of rhythms. It does not only delivers a great cardio workout, but it liberates your mind and makes you focus on the moment. That is how best I can explain it! I was thinking about writing a post about this topic!

      • Great way to break it down! I’ve noticed that even if you miss some steps in the beginning of the song, you’ll notice patterns in the beat and the music or the chorus of the song even if it’s in a different language. Your mind breaks it down and then your body eventually follows the patterns and the repetition. I’ve noticed that for myself for the steps I have trouble with.

  3. Power Sistah on said:

    “There’s always a move in the course of the class that is “your move” where you know you are doing it right and you look good doing it, and that’s the one you do the hardest.” so true- and the one move you look forward to!!

  4. Liked your comments about miss sexy abs.lol. The Prob with this day & age is that people think if you look the part, you are the part. So wrong, anybody, no matter the size or shape, regardless of age has their own style & pace. Good for you 29.

  5. Reblogged this on Not So Skinny Genes and commented:
    I love this! It’s so true 🙂

  6. I saw a free, outdoor Zumba class in Manhattan recently and there were all kind of people and it was so awesome and inspiring!

    • That was probably a blast! Thanks for reading!

    • I saw one at a festival in Indiana last fall and no matter wHAt age, everyone was having fun. It is relazed and welcoming. I am going to start taking a class b/c of this blog. With my mom and sister (they don’t know it yet!) Congrats on FP!!! Take your time, you will make it through to say hi to everyone! Enjoy your Moment and your Move! I am reblogging this now!

      • Awesome! Thank you, thank you! I am trying my best to thank and respond to everyone because I am too thankful and too thrilled! I really am enjoying the moment! What a feeling!

  7. I was so uncoordinated in the last class I took! The 70-yr-old ladies rocked it!
    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

    • Aren’t they fabulous?? Some of those older gems don’t even need to stop for water! They motivate me and make me smile! Thanks. I knew something was up when I got so many comments and likes. I’m on top of the world right now! Freshly Pressed!!! Wow! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. Love it! Makes me want to go try some Zumba!

  9. Zumba is fantastic! I did it for 6 months and it’s such a good exersize! You don’t even realise you’re exersizing 🙂 Great for people like me that don’t enjoy going to the gym.

  10. Tracy (NJ) on said:

    Thanks for the motivation. Yesterday I met a great woman who shared her experience in a Zumba class. She confirmed your sentiments… An “equalizer”
    is welcome.

  11. Hah, your last line coupled with the Beyonce mention totally reminds me of that Glee episode! I so love this post! I’ve been wanting to do Zumba anyway, but now even more so! I will find a class near me TODAY! I can’t wait! Love your ZAP! Life is so much more fun with sound effects!

    • Do it! Do it! I was tired of being a lazy bum. I pack a gym bag and go directly from work. I’m really happy I tried it. I think a lot of places will even give you a free or discounted class for your first time. Thanks for loving the post!

  12. I work at Curves. We have Zumba classes throughout the week. I love to see the older ladies shaking it out there. I bet some of them have not moved their hips that way in 20 + years. I feel sexy when I do it and I bet they do to!

    • I do feel sexy too. I bust a move when I get out of the shower now. Love the older women! Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m bugging out that I was Freshly Pressed! I’m almost like Halle Berry accepting an Oscar right now.

  13. I love going to Zumba! And what you said is true. I am the least sports-inclined person there is, but I can dance, so I feel going doing Zumba and get a good workout at the same time. 🙂

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  15. i’ve been flirting with joining the Zumba class in my neighborhood. you have just recruited me. i’m going in. great post!

    • Whhhha! Wow. That’s so powerful. I’m not a teacher or anything. Just a newbie! That makes me feel so good! You are going to like it. It’s like going to the club to just dance, not getting hit on and feeling sexy in your most comfortable clothes. So worth trying at least once.

  16. Hmm. I think I’m one of the older women. I love doing Zumba, but have to say I did all these moves 30 years ago when I’d go out dancing in the evenings. As you say, there doesn’t seem to be competition, and it’s surprising how stiff some of the 20 somethings are in some of the moves — it’s not just me!

    • I love it, love it love it! I’m sure you are making those 20 somethings eat your dust (I know it isn’t a competition but you are right). My guess is the 20 somethings are taking themselves too seriously as another commenter pointed out. You have probably already figured out who you are and you get it. They are still trying to get to where you are! I’m trying to get to where you are! Thanks!

  17. Zumba is exciting and a great workout; the music can move even the stiffest soul. I love it. You can even do it at home, in your own time too. Just put together a good Salsa/Merengue/Hip-Hop playlist and you are good to go!

    Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  18. I think the same thing about salsa (perhaps not surprisingly). What I love, actually, is that the curvier a woman is, the better she looks dancing it. I’ve loved how it embraces women of all body types.

  19. I haven’t tried Zumba yet, but you’ve sold me on it 🙂 I might be your un-athletic friend’s identical twin, though I love doing exercise classes, mainly because everyone else is struggling along with you!

  20. Dancing! Eqalizing! I’m in… I’ll have to look for a class in Marin County…thanks for sharing

  21. Jessie Lea Pingle on said:

    So funny that I read this today. There’s a Zumba class at my gym, and while I don’t participate, I love catching a glimpse while I’m lifting. Last night this cute little plump lady totally caught my eye because she was WORKING it. She had great moves & rhythm and was following the instructor exactly. I gave her a silent, “You GO, girl!” I could tell she was really enjoying herself:-)

  22. OK, I may be convinced to give it a try. If I can be equalized with the hot and rhythmic chicks, I’m totally in!


  23. I’m so pleased. I’ve been doing Just Dance in the quiet of my home, but dying to try Zumba at the gym!

  24. Haha! Love it. Love you leaving Madame Sexy Abs stumbling around!! 😀

  25. Fantastic!!! I’m a Zumba instructor, and I see every age and every experience level in class…and everyone has fun!! We don’t have anyone who takes off their shirt though…that’s really funny! 🙂 Many of the people in our class burn upwards of 600 to even 1000 calories in a 60 minute class, so..you are right! It burns the butter, baby!!!!!

    • See, no show offs in your class! I like it already! You do great work by sharing Zumba with others. I can’t imagine doing it multiple times a day and keeping the same high energy for every class!

  26. I love this! Zumba really *is* just so much fun! And it’s a great lesson in “don’t take yourself too seriously” – something everybody can use from time to time (to time)!

  27. I loved the post and completely agree with the great equlaization Zuma bestows upon everyone. I especially liked the the part about “your move”. I think I have 3! Hahaha…

  28. I absolutely LOVE Zumba and have become totally obsessed this year! It was my New Year’s Resolution to start and I haven’t missed a Saturday yet! I’m not the most coordinated chic out there, but feel like a million bucks after the class. 🙂

  29. hah i’ve been thinking about this for a while. i started doing it at a gym which was predominantly middle-aged women and it was such a fun, free class. and now, i do it at a gym with mostly younger women and i still find it to be such an open, fun environment. we need more classes like this!

  30. Thanks…I needed that. I tried my first Zmba class two days ago. To say the least, I didnt get it right. but at least I wasnt winded. Will give it another shot .

  31. You really cracked me up. I just started doing yoga 3 weeks ago and I know exactly what you mean. From the way you describe it I’d swear you were at my gym!

  32. I ❤ IT! And it's true, I recently started going to some classes (stopped because the cement floor was hurting my knees) and ladies of all ages were there! The older ladies would modifybut had their "Get Down" "Sexy" moves. There was also the one with the big (fake) boobs and small abdomen with no rithym… hahahaha!!! EQUALIZED!!!

  33. theebonygirl on said:

    LOVE IT! toned people make me upset sometime taking off their shirt all tones and what not…:)

  34. Thank you for sharing this! I joined a Zumba class in December and loved it, it really is a fantastic dance to be involved in and has helped my weight-loss greatly. I have lost nearly 4 stone, check out the before and after pictures on my blog! and i partly thank Zumba for this achievement 🙂
    Well done – great post
    – The Dieting Gal X

  35. I love your attitude – I had the same fears at first, but you’ve nailed it – there are all kinds in there, and after awhile I realized that I could just relax and not worry about the judgement. And damn, it’s fun! I’m not sporty and I’m not a great dancer, but I sure burn the calories in there. One of the teachers at my gym is a “generously proportioned” black guy who just shakes it and shakes it – he makes it a blast!

  36. How could you keep up with the music and follow the instructor’s cues while looking around the room at your fellow Zumba-istas? I would have been tripping over my feet or bumping into the person next to me.

    • Thanks for reading! I did get to check out your post, and I think you have some very valid points. By no means am I saying Zumba is the be all end all. I’ve done a number of different kinds of workouts. I will say after not doing anything, Zumba has whet my appetite for more regular physical activity. I’m positive it’s going to lead me back to things like running, spinning and other activities I used to do. I think that people should research their instructors and carefully monitor their health and do other things to boost their progress towards their fitness goals. I shared some of my thoughts on your blog! Thanks for reading!

  37. I am a Zumba lover (not fanatic) too, and I have not thought of it the way you do! Its a fun and surprisingly effective workout. I can do some moves and I suck at some, but its okay because everyone is busy getting their moves right so nobody is judging. I like ogling at the slender girls who can twist their body like nobody’s business during salsa numbers and also watch big muscular men trying hard to shake their booty Shakira style! Go Zumba!

  38. Zumba looks like a lot of fun. I really like your blog. I was wondering if you could check mine out. Come and see an 11 year old’s view on all things baseball. Please feel free to offer any advice.

    • Thanks for reading my blog, David. I’m very impressed with your blog! You are a great writer and you know A LOT about baseball! Keep up the good work. I loved to write when I was your age and never stopped. I’m a journalist and I can easily see you covering baseball for major newspapers and magazines or even hosting your own show on ESPN!

      • Thank you for checking it out. Do you have any advice

      • My main advice is really to just keep writing. Write all of the time. Write for your blog, and write things just for yourself in a journal. The best way to be a great writer is to read great writing. If you have a favorite sports writer, reach out to them and ask them for advice too. You’ll be surprised. You should be reading just as much as you write. Read all sorts of books, magazines and newspapers and you’ll find you get more ideas from others that will help your writing. Try new (safe) things that might make you nervous and write about it after you’ve tried it. Think about people in your life who inspire you, or even short stories about good things that your friends or family have done for other people. Good luck to you. You are well on your way at such an early age. I wrote all of the time as a kid, just like you. Being a writer led me to write about all sorts of things, meet interesting people and even report stories from the White House. You can do it!

  39. It’s an instructor-to-instrutor equalizer, too! The Zumba instructor at my college campus’ gym incorporated traditional Zumba dance moves with hip-hop dance and I absolutely killed it in class each week (in my highly biased opinion, anyway haha). Recently, I went to a Zumba class in Boston and the instructor had a totally different style and I…looked like a baby giraffe trying to walk for the first time. Womp womp wommmmp 🙂

    • It’s refreshing to hear about “instructor-to-instructor” equalizers. A baby giraffe!!! Too funny! I’m sure you probably didn’t! Different instructors do bring different vibes. A substitute instructor had my arms burning one evening. But it was great!

  40. Wow.. I’ve gotta try it! 🙂 I’ve been wanting to but you just put some of my fears to rest. Thanks for the great post! 🙂

  41. I am right there with you 🙂 I just want to say congrats for being freshly pressed today. This was my first time in that club and want to shout out to all of you who share this great day with me.

    • We are Freshly Pressed buddies! Thanks and congrats to you too! I admire your ability to travel. I’m planning on taking my first for real trip out of the country in a couple of months to visit a friend in South Korea. I’m soooo excited and nervous! I’ll be sure to check your blog to get tips on how to globetrot the right way! Congrats again. Isn’t this wild??? FRESHLY PRESSED!!! This is my first time too. It feels great!

  42. Yeah, I’ve heard a lot about Zumba. Luckily, I can take a class @ my nearby L.A. Fitness and use my Kinect if I don’t feel like going out. I’ve been embarrassed in the past, and maybe it’s time to check it out when I leave my comfort zone.

    • It’s understandable. A lot of fitness classes can be really intimidating. From all of the responses I’ve been getting, it seems like people in Zumba classes are very welcoming and non-judgemental. I say go for it!

      • Yes, that is true. Well, now, I’m looking forward to the day I take my first Zumba class in public. Thanks for the encouragement.

  43. What a great blog entry; it is so positive. It’s an awesome message on how no one is perfect, but just do your best and be yourself and that’s plenty good enough.

    • Thanks so much for reading. I had no clue that people would respond to it the way they did! And yup. None of us is perfect. We all have to work with what we’ve got and be proud!

  44. Looks like the girl is keeping you motivated, that means you’re pretty competitive! How do I know? I’m the same way. When I work out, I find someone to compete with ON PURPOSE and that way, I end up pushing myself even further. Keep up the great work, no matter how hard it is and how much your body aches the next morning! Will look forward to more zumba-fitness-related posts

    • I really am. My blog is really about a lot of random things, centered around me turning 30 and how I used to look at life and how that’s shifting. I’m sure my progress with zumba will pop up again. I was just thinking, zumba is great for my health, and has even made an insane impact on my writing and I’m just two weeks in. If nothing else, I’m going to be more motivated to go to class, because going led me to becoming freshly pressed and getting nearly 3,000 views to my blog in one day! Amazing. You all are the best!

  45. Thanks for this entry. I’ve wanted to check out Zumba for awhile now, but I’m really not a group class person. I’ve done one and hated it, and when I went to the gym I always went to the 24hrs one overnight when no one was there =| I used to be a dancer most of my life, and I LOVE African dance so I really should try it. Thanks for the humor though. Reminds me of back in the day with hip hop dance classes. There were so many people who would take the class because it was “popular”, get all dressed up— as Miss Sexy Abs did— and suck terribly. Now, after quitting dance, back injuries, a sit down job, and terribly laziness I need to get back into the thick of things. Zumba sounds like a good way to go.

    • I think it’s a great way to get off the couch and whet the appetite for a more active lifestyle! If you danced most of your life, you’ll have no trouble! Good luck! Thanks for reading!

    • The best of Zumba is that it is open to everyone! People are so busy working out and trying to move their bodies in unimaginable ways and they are not really paying attention on what you do or don’t do. You will be surprised how quickly you can integrate into the group, and meet people that have the same goals and expectation that you do. Or maybe not the same goals, but may find other goals that you didn’t though possible in your life.

  46. Reblogged this on The Amber Light's Blog and commented:
    This post is for Shellie Sallee who is ROCKIN” the Zumba body right now! She is a motivation to me to start taking classes this summer!

  47. allthepeopleicouldbe on said:

    I agree. After taking Zumba for a year, I can see it really is an equalizer. In my experience, even the newest and least experienced people in class always have a great time. There is so much variety of styles, beats, and rhythms that everyone is bound to find something to their liking. But those who dare show off – come on, the class is NOT about showing off at all! – never fail to embarrass themselves. It is an equalizer precisely because at any level you are challenged and pushed further.

  48. I totally agree ! Not many people can pull of those Zumba moves .. I end up making them up as I go along 😉 I tried Aquq Zumba last week it was hilarious ! If you have time check out the post I wrote afterwards – If you have this class in your home town defiantly give it a try its hilarious ( and noone can see you stuff up cos your under water ! ) Xx Kel

  49. LOL! So true about having that one move that you know you can hit just right and you look Fine… doing it. I love Zumba because it feels the exact opposite of what working out usually feels like. It’s a fun way to burn calories and internally laugh at people while they’re likely laughing at you, or me. =)

    Great post!

  50. I LOVE zumba! Such a fun way to work out!
    Great post! your a really great write! 🙂

  51. Reblogged this on Fit and Fab Mom and commented:
    Yeah this is so true. I’m also into Zumba, just a newbie, and I love how I sweat with every move while others can’t even follow 🙂
    But, just the same, I can see that everyone is having so much fun with Zumba!

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  53. I worked at a gym for several years, Zumba is very popular.

  54. I agree! I love it. 🙂 I just started a few weeks back, and I agree so much, I have rhythm but I don’t have the itty bitty (Any) committee membership. I feel confident knowing I got moves because I got somethings to shake! About half in after multiple stitches in my side I hit what I call the Zumba high, which like a runner’s high, is when you passed tired and hit adrenaline. It’s awesome, just wish it’d hit earlier in!

  55. Wow! I’ve been meaning to incorporate some “verve”, as it were, into my workouts. And I’ll admit that the best ones are the on the days that you really don’t wanna go, but that inner flame inside of you becomes a combustible fire that can’t be put out, and it’s enough to make the hardest thug cry like a little (baby)!

    And another observation that I can relate to in your post is that the majority of the people who are out-of-shape (I’m in that category for sure) got the dances down packed, whereas the pretty babe with the washboard abs had no rhythm and was so outta step, the poor thing ran outta gas. I’ll tell you the truth, if smartphones were allowed in the class, I’d film it, and post it on YouTube, Flickr, and Vimeo.
    Heck, I might even set up a dang DailyMotion account (but they post too much filth on it).

    But reading this post kinda inspired me to give the brass ring another tug. I’ve been considering Martial Arts-esp. jujitsu/judo, dance, kickboxing. I may even reconsider rollerblading again (just gotta learn how to skate backwards). While time does not allow me to read all the comments, hopefully down the road I’ll be able to. I’d love to read other people’s opinions on something like this. Makes you think from time to time.

    And due to my hellacious schedule, if I can walk for a couple of miles around (any) high school track, that’ll do for now.

  56. I’m inspired. I’m going to suspend my gym membership for a few months and see how I go with Zumba and walks with friends instead.

  57. You’re so right! I totally agree — love it!

  58. I love Zumba but my asthma HATES it. I always reach a major wall after about 20 minutes where I just can’t do anymore. I’ll just have to stick to flailing wildly in to music at home a couple times a week lol.

  59. My god, square dancing was the bane of my existence in high school as well. I would’ve SO appreciated wiggling my belly over tripping over the other 4 kids doing a doh-see-doh!

    I dare say…it might’ve even given me an edge on the clubbing scene…


    “Forget Marijuana, Crack Cocaine and Heroin, Crepe addiction is no laughing matter.”

  60. theworldaccordingtoet on said:

    I love Zumba, so much fun! and I adore the fact everyone looks as silly as each other! I just shake my bum and go with it!! 😀

  61. Hehe … My aunt wanted me to join Zumba too … ! But I was already enrolled in the gym… Need to shed some Kilos1 Nice post 🙂

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  63. I hated school`s PE classes, I couldn`t do the push-ups or the rope climbing, I was never good at ball sports, I was not a good thrower and only a decent runner. Then we got a new teacher who did some Zumba stuff with us. Everyone enjoyed the class, no one felt left out.
    After that experience I took an actual Zumba class at a gym with a certified instructor and have been hooked since.
    I stopped Zumba for a while now, because it didn`t go well with my running schedule and the other cross training I did, but I must agree that it`s such a fun and un-boring class and you don`t reach the point where you think for example: why can everyone still do 2,000 more push ups and I`m already feeling like I finished an Ironman?!

    • I’m glad you found something that worked for you! I’m horrible with running. I may need some tips from you on that!

      • You will learn very, very fast if you just go out and run, there`s not too much you can do wrong. In the beginning I “ran” a few blocks down the street…
        If you are interested in running, look into C25K – Couch to 5 km run. It`s a very simple program that you can achieve even as a beginner!

  64. Ciiku on said:

    Oh yeah… when I went for Zumba I used to have MY Step.
    Makes me miss the classes a bit. Just a bit.

  65. Oh my gosh i love this post!! I’ve been doing Zumba for about 10 months now and what you said is right on key. the only one in my whole class who looks totally kick ass is the teacher! When I walked into my first class, all the others who were already there gave me this weird impression and i thought to myself, “crap this is gonna be one of these super competitive ‘im better then you’ classes” but as time went on you learn to not really care about what the other person is doing and you learn to have fun and let loose! I think it’s one of the best exercise routines ever! and its just so.much.fun! 🙂 Thanks for this awesome post, i died laughing!!

  66. lijiujiu on said:

    Great post, I like Zumba too.
    This is really a good work. I appreciate your efforts behind that.

  67. Great Post!!! The comments on your blog post as inspiring as your post. I must have to find a Zumba class in my city now.

    • You know what? I’ve been blown away by the comments. People have not only encouraged me to stay the course on working out, but made me feel fantastic as a writer. How can I not go to class? Or take a walk now? Or park further away from work or the store? All of these people are cheering me on! Wow!

  68. For some reason I was researching Zumba yesterday and I found out that Zumba Fitness is a global enterprise company and all of the Zumba classes are effectively, franchises!


  69. Ugh I hate miss sexy abs, when ever she turns up at my exercise classes I internally roll my eyes. Jealousy? yes. But just thinking of her sexy abs makes me work 100% times harder so I can ‘show her’. She’s probably the nicest person in the world, but I like to secretly hate her 😉

  70. thank you for this great post. my gym membership expires in may, and a latin dance studio that offers zumba just opened around the corner from my house. i know where i’ll be going next!
    thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  71. flutterbox on said:

    I would love to get started doing Zumba!!! I’m going to order the dvds for home use as soon as I can. It’s going to be a few months, but my fiance & I are ready to give it a go! Looks amazing!

  72. I’m a gym class junkie and love and identify with this post. Zumba is great fun, however, I’m doing Step and Kick boxing right now. These classes can also get “dancy” and I love it. I get a chance to pretend I’m in Fame, Footloose or Rocky! Gads, probably really dating myself right now. It’s all about routine. Keep it up!

    • You are totally not dating yourself! If you are dating yourself, I am too! I am an 80s baby and I loved those shows and movies!!! Thanks so much for reading!!!

  73. Congrats on being freshly pressed! I have only taken one Zumba class and thoroughly enjoyed it. Like you said, some of the older ladies and bigger ladies were really going for it and there was me trying to catch my breath!!!

    Great post x

  74. I’ve never done zumba but now I totally want to give it a try. I’m basically the non-athletic person that was horrified by gym class (& told my teacher to f’ off) Thanks for posting this. I’ve got to share.

  75. Now you’ve got me really wanting to try this!! I’m no longer a ‘gym rat’ but have wanted a group class to keep me motivated…this may be it!

  76. LOVED this – spot on! As one of the ‘older’ ladies myself, MORE than adequately hiding a 19 year old body (it’s got to be in there somewhere!) it took all my courage and a couple of weeks after signing up, just to show up – terrified as I was that my ancient trainers would ensure I was laughed out the room! (I’ve since discovered, from my v.trendy son, that they’re actually quite the business though – AGAIN!). I didn’t expect to keep up and took many rests between and even during routines which thankfully no-one seemed to mind or even notice. But when I did dance, I knew, being an ex dancer many moons ago, rhythm and co-ordination were going to be the least of my problems. So at my own pace, all red in the face and wobbling, I had a ball and didn’t mind one bit that I probably looked just like one too!! (But hopefully, thanks to Zumba, not for much longer!!)

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed – well-deserved!

  77. Good point! True! 🙂

  78. I have been a runner all my life and recently started Zumba in January. I hit 40 and after two babies felt I needed more of a workout. I am obsessed with it! I love Zumba! I love the music, the steps and the fact that it works your whole body and hard. I feel like that hour of Zumba is like my yoga. I have a lot of energy yet when I run I use that time to think whereas Zumba brings me so much peace for that hour I can’t think about how to save the world. instead I’ve got to pay attention so I am going the right way and shaking those hips! Great post!

  79. Great Post ! I had the pleasure of walking around a lake in Hanoi in the early hours of sunlight a few days ago where all the vietnamese come to exercise. To my great appreciation there was a group of over 100 older ladies in their silk pyjamas, 1 arm up in the air, pelvic thrusting to some music coming over the loudspeaker.
    All around the edges were curios women trying to follow suit on their own away from the crowd – all happening in the middle of a public space. It was a fantastic display of something not unlike Zumba. Lets start taking the zumba classes out of the gyms and into the public squares and parks 🙂


    • It seems like that kind of movement in public spaces is starting to build steam. I’ve had a few commenters tell me they participated in large gatherings like that in New York and Indiana. It’s a great idea! Thanks for reading!

  80. Loved your post. I have a bunch of coworkers who keep trying to convince me to try Zumba — but I’m so afraid of looking like a doofus that I keep putting them off. Maybe now I’ll just get over myself and give it a try!
    Congrats on being FP’d.

  81. skinnyfattofit on said:

    Reblogged this on Skinny Fat to Fit and commented:
    Another thumbs up for Zumba!

  82. I totally hear you on coming into contact with cute boys you would otherwise never come into contact with thanks to the square dancing week in gym. Ahh…so glad those days are over…

    • Girl, me too. Me too! I’m so glad to hear other people coming forward about square dancing week. I thought my school was the only lame place in the universe doing it! This makes me feel better!

  83. I’m in my – ahem – late 40s and LOVE Zumba. Everything thing you say is true, except the only toned lovely is the 19 year-old instructor, so no real jealousy, just wistfulness. Been doing it two years, twice a week, and as someone who always hated and avoided the gym (soul-destroying) this is a fantastic way to get and stay fit. Not like exercise at all. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed. Got mine in January and still on high! Well done 😀

    • Thank you so much and congratulations to you on being Freshly Pressed. It’s really amazing! I think twice a week is good. Certain weeks, I may go three times. But I don’t want to get bored with it by going too much.

  84. I go to something called Nia, which is quite similar, and I feel exactly the same way! I might not be able to stretch as far as Mrs. McPerty, but I got rhythm (And as the song says “Who could ask for anything more..)?!” 😀 x

  85. I teach Zumba, and this is *exactly* what I love about it. And trust me – I look like a maniac when I teach. There are so many participants who are better than me. But the energy and camaraderie is amazing. It’s so much fun!

    Thanks for your insightful post! I hope your friend tries it!!

  86. For the longest time, I’ve been avoiding exercise/dance classes because I’m hopelessly uncoordinated and things get old after three sessions. I’ve been doing Zumba since November and it’s a lot of fun! Keep it up. You’ll love it, I promise:-)

  87. Oh, I love Zumba too! I’ve avoided exercise/dance classes for the longest time because I’m very uncoordinated. For the first time ever, I can follow the steps! I’ve been doing it since November and it just gets more fun! Keep it up. You’ll love, love Zumba:-)

  88. jodilstone on said:

    Loved your post. Only those that go to ZUMBA would understand!! Right on…:)

  89. I started doing Zumba last fall thanks to my daughter. They had a class at her dance studio the same time as her class and she encouraged me. I’m a big girl, so I was super nervous, but it was awesome! And you’re right; there are steps I have to modify because my body just don’t move like that (yet), and there are dances that I love so much I just get lost in them. Unfortunately my class met up with a conflict this spring, but here’s hoping I can find another one to fit my schedule. They are perfect!

  90. Reblogged this on TEES AND MORE and commented:
    Love Love Love Zumba

  91. integrityisyou on said:

    My boyfriend and I were thinking of getting a Kinect. Scatch that, HE was thinking of getting a kinect and in order for me to say yes I have to get the zumba fitness! LOL In our town there are no zumba classes that I am aware of, so for now the kinect will have to work. It literally is the most fun anyone can have working out. Who cares if your following the steps? Dance like a dumbass, feel like a dumbass, and laugh you ass off while your at it! Love your post!

    • You should….the kinect is amazing. It reads your movements so well that it will blow your mind. The Zumba game is not super easy, so be patient. The Zumba (the first one) is fantastic, it really gets you into the mood, but the Zumba Rush will blow your mind. Zumba Ruch is so well develop, it has great graphics, and it was done with real instructors/zumbastars avatars. Great songs too.! You will need to get the Kinect sports too…so awesome to play with friends and of course with your boyfriend. Hear him complaining when you beat him in boxing!

  92. Great post! My friend who introduced me to Zumba and I always laugh about this too, especially as my regular class includes a boy that must be around 8 and a woman that must be around 80, both working it like everyone else. Something about Zumba booty-shaking makes everyone get into it without being self-conscious and without judging anyone else! It’s fabulous.

  93. I loved your post, I’ve been going to Zumba for a few months now, and I have to admit I’m still uncoordinated and being out-danced by the little old ladies, but its still so much fun!

  94. Wow, lots of comments! You obviously touched a HUGE nerve here, and quite right – Zumba is fun (spoken by a woman who has never Zumba’d and probably never will) – my team-sport-averse, class-averse 15 year old adores it despite openly confessing that she’s rubbish, and now helps with a youth club class of younger girls doing Zumba because she loves helping them and getting helped in return. Big win!
    Photographic evidence of my own speciality, “the little dance”, can be found on my blog.

  95. You made me super-excited to get back into Zumba this summer. I’m a runner, but I LOVE Zumba for cross-training. I, however, am the one who’s always a step (or three) behind!!

  96. Ahhh I loved Zumba! It was so much fun, and I really need to get back into it. I just wish classes weren’t so expensive. You’re so right about everyone having their own strengths with Zumba too, you may feel like an idiot some of the time, but most of it you’re just bouncing around like everyone else. Great post!

    • I’ve noticed that prices for classes really do vary. Some places even were talking $20 per class. No way! I suggest you do some research and find what works for you or go to meetup.com where folks are letting folks try classes for free or give discounts. Good luck!

  97. yogawithgaileee on said:

    Reblogged about this at http://ZUMBAwithgaileee.blogspot.com/ Great article!

  98. Zumba sounds fun, a key ingredient to any excercise that you can stick with. I’m all for Zumba in schools! At some point we lose the connection to our bodies through music and dance; school becomes drab sitting at a desk all day (and night).

  99. I always wanted to try it!!

  100. Jessica on said:

    You have officially made me to never want to try Zumba! You say it isn’t competitive but you were clearing judging this lady and saying how she can’t dance. So if I go to Zumba I will have people judging me and sizing me up to make themselves feel better.

    • Wow. I thank you for your comment. My goal was to take a humorous spin and call out my own insecurities I had and was able to overcome taking zumba classes. I didn’t mention it in the post, but in a few of my responses, to people who called me bitter, I actually said that I admired Madame Sexy Abs’ figure and she actually motivated me to work harder. I’m sorry you feel that way and you don’t want to try it. But if you do want to try it, you shouldn’t let anyone, let alone some chick who wrote one blog to dissuade you from anything you want to do that has the potential to make you feel good about yourself. You’d totally be robbing yourself. Make no mistake, I don’t have a perfect body, and I stumble over my own feet too from time to time. But thanks again for your point of view.

  101. yourhealthychicks on said:

    Great post. We are glad to have stumbled across your blog. Way to go!

  102. This blog is very impressive and enlarged my knowledge, required information & the things i never imagined. i pay my thanks to be given such kind of valuable details.

  103. Great post – I must say, I tried Zumba once and it frustrated and humiliated me so much. I’m just not a dancer at all and I’ll feel terribly out of place whether everyone is equalized or not. But that’s just me, I guess, and I’m really happy for you that you found ‘your’ favorite way of exercising! Me, I’ll just stick with my spinning bike…

    • I was addicted to spinning, but when my gym membership ran out, that ended. I think it’s all about finding what works for you. Spinning is fantastic! Thanks for reading!

  104. sanjayjssate on said:

    its so huge response unbelievable

  105. Gongrats on the Freshly Pressed! I have a friend who is also crazy about Zumba. She is having a blog on it. You are more than welcome to visit her if you like. http://zumbabeatz.com/ Happy Zumba and Happy Blogging. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  106. Love that you enjoyed your first Zumba class! The constant new songs and dances makes Zumba a craze you’ll love forever. Keep it up!

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  108. I enjoyed your post. I used to belong to a gym that had a great zumba instructor. My favorite dance was La Bomba by Azul Azul. You brought back a nice memory. 🙂

  109. That was probably a blast! Thanks for reading!


  110. go carry on… like your blog

  111. Ilayda Ozsan on said:

    Reblogged this on Sağlıklı Ye Mutlu Yaşa and commented:
    More on Zumba.. Love it.

  112. Thanks for availing me such valuable & knowledgable kind of information. I go through your blog and found it fulfilling our needs,wants and demand.

  113. LOL! Looks like I’m 30 years down the line from you! Enjoyed reading this but Zumba doesn’t work for me and my left feet …… now if you’re talking about weights …….
    My point is, you’re right but it’s bigger than you say. Any exercise can be done by any of us, regardless of age. Just pick what you fancy and give it a go!!! x

  114. Fua684 on said:

    I love the fact that I have 2 Madame Sexy Abs in my Zumba class, which only means Double the motivation.

    Zumba Rock with Food Portion control…you will be Queen Sexy Abs in no time and in no one’s business!

  115. Reblogged this on dancediscoveries and commented:
    Zumba® – The Great Equalizer! –> Great post about Zumba from a fellow blogger. Enjoy!

  116. I felt this way after my first week of belly-dancing. We all quickly learned that none of us was coordinated, rhythm wise, or in sync. The only one who knew what she was doing was the instructor and that was just fine. We were out of the house for the evening, hanging out with some cool chicks and sweating off a pound or two.

    I’ve been giving Zumba some thought and may just join a class this summer. Thanks!

  117. I’m TERRIBLE at zumba. Guess it is an equalizer….after my first class I swore never to return. And I haven’t!

  118. All right, this is a sign- I JUST added ‘Try Zumba’ to my life list! I’ve been wanting to try it but have been intimidated for some lame reason… You’re inspiring me to cross it off my list. Thanks for writing!

    • Excellent! Go for it. I’m heading to class today. I try to go twice a week. Today I’m going back to back because I wasn’t feeling well on Monday. Still got to get it in!

  119. ZUMBA is all the craze! The best workout ever…and it doesn’t feel like working out. Just good old fun! I’m doing a move now!

  120. suestopford on said:

    Reblogged this on The Happily Single Chick and commented:
    What we do to ourselves, eh.

  121. suestopford on said:

    Your blog is just fantastic. I have had a few great giggles and a wee smile or two. Well done!!

  122. Krystiana Stacy Kelly on said:

    Love it! So true. This happens in my Zumba class too.

  123. prettypiercedmommy on said:

    Ive been wanting to take Zumba for awhile… I want my body back… went from a size 4 to a size 16 (excuse me while i go cry for a moment) but my question is this… I dont like to leave the house (its a scary place out there) … i dont have any fancy game systems… do they have dvds… anything like that… to do it at my house?

    • Trust me. I know the feeling. I was a solid 8 and now I’m around 12-14. I look at old pics of myself and I often get upset. I’m trying to get my act together. Some other commenters mentioned videos, I’m sure someone has a dvd out there with Zumba, but I don’t know any specifically to recommend so you may want to research it. Good luck to you.

  124. My fav thing about zumba is the music!! I will pretty much do any exercise as long is there is good music. Good job for taking the class!!!

  125. SandySays1 on said:

    Do they have a version for Golden Retrievers? My human says I’m getting a little ample in the flanks.

  126. After reading this blog and all the comments, I WILL JOIN ZUMBA now! Thanks for sharing this, I know and I believe that this well help a lot of people improve their well beings.

  127. Planning on trying Zumba next week. Thanks for helping excite me!

  128. ZumbaPhuket on said:

    Thank you for your awesome account of your Zumba experience. I have shared this with my new Zumba go-ers. I think everyone can relate.

  129. I’ve been a zumba girl for about a year now. I don’t wear the florecent pants or the fushia sports bra you see on the infomercials, but have such a blast with other “regualr people” just enjoying the music and dancing. Glad you like it too!

  130. bkr12 on said:

    I’m glad I found this blog because I’ve been thinking about trying Zumba for a while now. I’ve tried everything else at some time or another! I think I could handle Zumba becuase I get the impression that it doesn’t really matter if I have two left feet. I can wing it! I have to say I get a bit sick of the preeners with their perfect bodies, who just have to show them off – mind you I guess they could teach me a thing or two. Your blog have given me the incentive to find a class and give it a try – thank you!

  131. realanonymousgirl2011 on said:

    I have yet to join this fitness craze. I do pilates, yoga and regular workouts at the gym. And most times between sets I watch the Zumba class through the glass group fitness windows.

  132. I lost 90 lbs dancing away to Zumba and if it weren’t for my Zumba instructor coaxing me to try his class I would never know the joy dancing for fitness. One of the routines consisted of having to slap my butt to the beat and there was NO WAY IN HELL I was going to do that, I mean, I spent 18 years trying to ignore the fact I even had a butt. Eventually, however, I made peace with my ass and myself 🙂 Good Post!

    • That is amazing! Congratulations to you. Wow! You are an inspiration. I hope to lose around 20 pounds. The butt slapping does feel kind of funny in a room full of people. They do that at pole dancing class too! Congrats again! So fantastic!

  133. You know…I used to Jazzercise and as a fat girl had my move there as well! Maybe now I shall check out Zumba at our Y…cuz I need to find a new fat girl move!

  134. does it help in losing weight? I have the zumba cds from the Wii games and i have just started following it. Hopefully, will help me tone up!

    • A bunch of people have commented that they did indeed lose weight with zumba. One person said she lost 90 pounds! That’s amazing. I’ve been doing it for a month twice a week, but the way I eat is all over the place. I’ve been holding a steady weight not really gaining, but no dramatic loss. For me, I’m doing this for fun and to just get my body used to moving again. Then I want to gradually add to my workout routine throughout the week and eat better. I have a feeling that is when I’m going to see real results. Good luck to you!

  135. Ohh yea…i think it should be regular routine..and it does help in improving one’s stamina! so its zumba all the way!!! 🙂

    • Here are the five most important reasons why the dance workout techniques like Zumba have gained such favor:

      1.They are an entertaining way to exercise, much more exciting than usual workouts.

      2.They are a great form of cardio exercise; they improve circulation immensely.

      3.They are a very effective method of aerobics.

      4.They help you sweat in an entertaining way, which aids the digestive system and helps immensely in weight loss.

      5.They help you unwind and act as a stress-buster.

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  137. I found Zumba so good that I stuck to it for four yrs and didn’t look back I have c p. but that does not even worry me I see cp as being an extra baggage so don’t care. Just six months ago my bone test showed the doctors that my bones have never been better. All of us including my proffessor were soo very shocked. I told her I did Zumba and she did not know what to say but keep shaking UR booty. People. Screw the diets they work for a bit and no one sticks by them. Zumba. Will get u in the mood to shake what UR mother gave u.u will drop wait. And get sexier to and feel that u wanna come to class even more. So come on dont say one day cos one day will never come Join me and let’s party together. It has. No rules. It’s just Fun fun fun

  138. Sandy on said:

    I could be Miss Sexy Abs, except I also happen to have good rhythm and classmates tell me I should become an instructor. Oh, and I’m also 50 years old. Funny, I never had an inkling that anyone in my class was jealous of my body and/or moves. I never had such thoughts about the 20-somethings in great shape in the class. At most, I figured they were wasting their time (who had time or, let’s face it, a real need for the gym at that age?). Anyway, I’m glad I Zumba with a bunch of non-judgmental dancers, unlike this writer.

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