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Workin It Out

Well thanks to a little nudge from one of my dear friends and a great living social deal, your girl has signed up for a 3-month gym membership and two personal training sessions for the jaw-dropping price of $19.


So even though I had excuses up the wazoo, including having to drive a little bit out of my way, $19 for three months, it’s practically free.

It’s time to lace up the sneaks, and get er dun.

The gym chain itself appears to be no frills, no fancy extras (like a swimming pool or juice bar). Just a lot of machines, so, if you aren’t using a personal trainer, people who benefit from this kind of gym are people who already feel comfortable with equipment and are very self-motivated (if they don’t get personal training).

The friend who put me on to the deal was talking about us going together.

It’s weird, but when I go to the gym, I operate better alone unless I’m with my homie who was a former college soccer star and who pushes me to near exhaustion.That chick is in the gym everyday. She’ll even go twice a day if something is on her mind or bothering her.

No diss to my girl, but when I get in my zone, I go for it.

I don’t want us to be just chatting walking at a level 2 on the treadmill. I usually have a plan.

In honor of this momentous occasion, I bring you Kanye’s workout plan. Who knows, this summer with my new bod, I may pull a baller or shotcaller. Even if I don’t, I’m going to love how I feel regardless.


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