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I Have Been Tagged, “Like Officially”

Like they say in the old church when one properly begins their testimony:

First I’d like to give honor to God who is the head of my life, the pastor, the deacons, missionaries, first lady, usher board, saints, friends and visitors and Sharon of the Hyperactive Inefficiency blog fame, who found it in her heart to tag me and shout me out.

I will try to follow the rules of this as best I can. I’m afraid if I don’t, I will finally reap the fury of all of those chain letters I never passed along.

So here we go.

Here are the rules:

  1. Post the rules.
  2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post
  3. Create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
  4. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
  5. Let them know you’ve tagged them!

1. Who would you pick for your celebrity wife and/or husband (For example, I’d marry Jemaine Clement, Oprah Winfrey and/or Tina Fey)

2. What’s your favourite time of day? Mine’s 11:11 AM.

3. What are some of your relationship deal-breakers?

4. How many times did you change your major in university and why, or, why not?

5. What’s your theme song? Because it’s been crazy, crazy, crazy with work and school mine has been:

6. What do you think people most frequently say about you behind your back?

7.  Do you feel your zodiac sign or Chinese astrological animal accurately represents you?

8. Who would star as you in the made for TV movie about the most interesting year of your life?

9. And, what is the title of said best-selling memoir?

10. Name two posts you believe should’ve most definitely been Freshly Pressed.

11. Make up a question and answer it.


1. I’m stumped when it comes to celebrity husbands. It’s a three-way tie between U.S. President Barack Obama, Raphael Saddiq and Ghostface Killah.

2. My favorite time of the day is 8 p.m. at night because I’m not working, I’m taking my birth control and nothing makes me happier than knowing I ain’t nobody’s mother until I’m ready.

3. Relationship deal breakers: You don’t have to be in church everyday, but you have to believe in God. You must perform oral sex. You need to be employed. You should always offer me the last egg roll, sushi, or slice of cake. 

4. I never strayed from my path. I knew I wanted to study journalism since the 8th grade and so I did that. I should have been good at chemistry and came up with a chewable, mint-flavored Viagra tablet.

5. Theme song. Hmmm. Probably a great one for me would be “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.” Classic. I thought this song summed my life up when it first came out and I was 18. I’m almost two months into 30 and it still fits like my favorite sweatshirt.

6. They say, “Damn, she got a fatty (meaning large, ample posterior).” 

7. I do think my zodiac sign is on point. It’s freaky sometimes and it makes sense I’ve never dated another Aquarian. The one dude I do know who is an Aquarian with a birthday a few days after mine, he annoys the hell out of me. We are too much alike. So there’s something to it. But there’s something to anything if you choose to believe in it hard enough.

8. Hands down Sanaa Lathan. She would be me and the year would be last year. She is a fantastic actress and I love how she handles heartbreak, confusion over love and then coming out on top. I think she’d capture the heartbreak of my engagement ending, and she’d do a hell of a job doing the scenes where I went to the bridal shop to cancel my dress, and when I got in my car and went to Myrtle Beach to get away from it all and my car breaks down. Yup. She’d kill it.

9. Title of the best-selling memoir, “I Told Yall I’m A Strong Bitch.”

10. Two posts that should have been freshly pressed. I’ll go with the most popular. “PSA: Fellas, MAN UP”  and “A Girl’s Original, Ultimate Valentine.”

11. Ask and answer a question? To be or not to be? That is the question. But it also seems like an answer too, no doesn’t it?

Now it’s my turn to ask questions.

1. What made you decide to start a blog?

2. How did you come up with your blog name?

3. What are you most afraid of?

4. What is the thing that comes most naturally to you?

5. If you could only choose to eat and drink one thing every day for the rest of your life what would that food and that drink be?

6. What was a thing you thought as a child was so cool and found to be totally overrated once you reached adulthood?

7. What’s the best piece of advice someone gave you?

8. How long have you been friends with your best friend in the whole world?

9. What youtube video is guaranteed to make you smile or laugh every single time?

10. Besides writing, do you have any other creative outlets and what are they?

11. What is your favorite “I’m pissed off” song?

And here are the 11 bloggers I hope will take the time to participate:

1. Hyperactive Inefficiency

2. The Better Man Project

3. Sorryiamnotsorry

4. Self Professed Product Obsessed

5. C. Dominique Gibson

6. Kiss and Hide

7. The Awakened Life

8. Unknown Black Male

9. Tasha’s 365 Musical Journey

Ok. I’m out of gas and I need to start following more blogs! So I’m done at 9.

Now to notify these fine folks! I dig all of these blogs, and thanks again Sharon for the love! Someone is out there paying attention to my random ramblings!!!

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2 thoughts on “I Have Been Tagged, “Like Officially”

  1. 6. What do you think people most frequently say about you behind your back?

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