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Breaking Shoe Obsession News

I interrupt my regular life post, to bring you breaking shoe news.

I promise, I will not do this often. I like the groove we’ve established. I will not squander what we’ve built together for random shoe whims.

However, I have a thing for shoes.

I’ve probably mentioned this a number of times throughout this blog in passing, or in quick references.

Shoes are awesome, shoes are hot. Some make me feel comfortable, some make me feel like I can take on the world. Some say, “I mean business,” while others say, “Clothes? Who needs em? You just need us and a big ol smile, now get over here big boy.”

So, thanks to my latest online obsession Pinterest, other shoe fanatics can post gorgeous shoes that we can fantasize and dream about out in the open, without judgement. In fact, gushing is encouraged.

Well, these Maison Martin Margiela Line 22
Heel-In-Heel pumps took the cake, the cookies, and the ice cream. And I can be the proud owner for $790 (not including tax).

I love nude colored shoes (I don’t have enough of them), I adore wedges (got plenty– my faves are my snake-skin Coach wedges) and the fact that it’s doing this cut-out thin heel illusion thing, is just darling. These are certainly a talker.

But I would not interrupt a blog that usually discusses my journey into 30 off of some nonsense about expensive shoes I can’t afford and won’t buy.

I will interrupt this blog that usually discusses my journey into 30 to share with you that I’ve found an affordable solution (that may or may not have been inspired by this very shoe) on sale, and with a 15% off entire purchase coupon!!!

I present to you the Lana by Report shoes courtesy of Famous Footwear.

Que the angel choir singing led by Ms. Whitney Houston herself. (Was that cute or was that shameless? Too soon? Help me, I certainly don’t want to offend. Yall know I love me some Nippy. The Whitney movie marathon is scheduled for Saturday (Bodyguard, The Preacher’s Wife, Waiting to Exhale). I’m accepting side dishes and desserts. I’ve got the liquor and I’m frying fish.)


I actually saw these shoes for the first time around Thanksgiving (long before seeing the uber-expensive dream shoes). The reduced price was down to about $80, but was still too rich for my blood, considering I was in Famous Footwear. Patience, my child. So I watched and I waited. The price continued to drop after Christmas, but I still kept waiting. “It will go down.”

The dream shoes re-sparked my interest, and I went back to the Famous Footwear site to see if the price dropped some more. They did. Now, these babies are $39.99 and I can add my 15% off coupon.

I am beyond happy. So much so, I’ll be rocking these at a happy hour, date, girl’s night out and cubicle near me… (You will pick me out of the bathroom stall lineup, oh well.)

Thank you for indulging me in my shoe indulgence today.

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