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Mom and Dad I’m Sorry

It’s about 5 am. I had a dream that unsettled me. I was out and about without a care in the world in some diner and my uncle somehow found me.

In his calm, cool but oh so humbling tone, he proceeded to tell me that my parents were worried about me and wished that I would take the time to just call. He said he felt the need to drive from NY to Maryland to give me that message personally, face-to-face.

It shot straight to my heart. I wrapped up my food and left feeling horrible.

I woke up and called right away.

No answer, I panicked.

* Background for context: My dad just got a cell phone in the fall and the reason why he finally did it was actually to rescue me, find me in NYC to give me money when I made the bus trip to go to a wedding and left my wallet wedged in the seat of my car at the park and ride where I caught the bus…in Maryland. I called my dad and he went and bought a prepaid phone so he could find me wherever I was once he got into the city.

This morning, I called his cell, it was off. I forgot we didnt set up his voicemail, because he said he didnt need it. My dad isnt much of a phone person.He fought against buying a cell phone for soooo long, but he didn’t hesitate when he heard his baby girl was in trouble!

Back to this morning, again…. I sent him a text. “Love you Dad. Miss you. Hope you remember how to find your texts.”

He just called me back now. It made me feel so good to hear his warm voice with a twinge of a North Carolina drawl come through the phone.

I told him about my dream and how I knew I had to call and that he and mom have done so much for me and that I miss them. That I got a little scared and with the sudden passing of the amazing Whitney Houston, I felt like they needed to know I love them so much and they needed to know right NOW. I would not be able to return to a restful sleep without speaking to at least one of them.

He told me it was alright and that he did talk to me for my birthday last week and he knew I was busy. That week felt so long for some reason to me and we arent the type of family that needs to call everyday. Usually two weeks is our max of going without a call. I told him I wanted to do better.
I told him about my week, and having to get the heat fixed on my car.

He interrupted me politely, suggesting we carry on this conversation later on the house line.
Not because he just arrived at work and had to go.

Because, “You usin’ up all the minutes on my phone!” He said with a chuckle.

That’s my daddy.

If your parents or parental figures are living and breathing, call them today. Even for two minutes.

If they are not here, remember a special moment you had with them that always makes you smile or laugh.

It’s Valentine’s eve and that day is not only about romantic love. I’ll talk more about this tomorrow.

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