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My Neck, My Back

For all you Khia fans, it’s not what you think, when I say, “My neck, my back.”

This weekend, I did a lot of running around. I was dancing and staying up all hours of the night and managed to do a lot of walking to visit the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.

I was told from Union Station to there, it’s about a 2-mile walk. So my friends and I walked a total of 4 miles.

On our return trip, my body started to feel it. My lower back ached, my shoulders did too. I was grumpy and mean. Then my heat didn’t work in my car, again. But this time, the fan didn’t even blow. Oh boy.

My friend who is already into her 30s mocked me and called me “Jurassic.”

She danced and pranced circles around me and shook her head at me as I groaned in pain, and then later soaked in Epsom salt all night long until I was good and pruny.

The next day I felt silly. I felt like a stupid, whining brat, although my body really did hurt. I still feel quite silly.

But my friend gave me one of those humbling lessons that only good friends who are older and in great shape could give to my triflin’ self.

She laughed at me so hard when I told her about my blog post about being an ambassador for 30, and here it was, barely 36 hours into 30 and a four-mile walk whopped my ass.

So, it’s true. I’m out of shape. It’s time to get my act together. It’s time to put my money where my mouth is and be serious about it and committed to making regular exercise a part of my lifestyle again.

I used to be a gym bunny and I would go probably four days out of the week at a minimum.

People often think my friend is still in her 20s. She has a great figure and she is quite active running and walking her dog all over New York City.

So it’s time to rejoin the gym, stretch in the mornings and put myself on a regimen so that walking trips like that don’t leave me walking around like a crippled George Jefferson.

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