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Getting Your Professional Groove Back


We all need to do it.

Pop stars tend to know and understand that after a hiatus from the spotlight or between albums and tours, when they come back, they have to elevate and change up the game to remain fresh and relevant.

Those who master this, they become superstars and eventually legends.

Say what you will, but for the Beyonces, JLos and Janet Jacksons of the world, this is a regular and necessary part of their career cycle. We regular folks don’t usually apply that when trying to maintain our own livelihoods.

We should.

I’ve been at the same job for 5 years, which I have been told in these days is a miracle. Going into year 4, I started doing more work outside of my original job title, which led to another kind of position (no raise though).

Here I am at year five, and I’ll admit it. Like the boyfriend you’ve had for a long time, you start getting comfortable. The period panties you were mortified about him ever seeing, slowly creep into the rotation. You don’t shave your legs (or other stuff) as religiously, because well the relationship has lost its new car smell. You’re tired, you’re used to him, and frankly, he’s probably slacking too.

The work equivalent is letting the hair and makeup slip, and starting casual Friday on Wednesday. Your mind drifts during meetings and you can predict your co-workers moves down to the times they like to get coffee and then and hour later go to the bathroom.

Professionally, you have to find your new hair cut, or go retro or find a kick ass alter ego for the next album. You can’t get stale and rest on old successes.

It’s unacceptable for Bey and it’s unacceptable for us too.

I’ve found that I can easily fall into a work slump.

Just like when Rihanna goes from a sharp, short, jet black hair cut for one album, to having fiery-red locks for another, sometimes just changing your look can help jump-start the rest of the reinvention.

It’s time to rekindle my work flame.

It’s time to dress prettier, smile more and put in the work on the little things that can mean oh so much.

This being my birthday week and because I’m feeling great and want to continue feeling this way all week long. I’ve made up my mind not to phone it in fashion wise. I’ve vowed to dress up everyday this work week. We’ll see if I can continue it beyond this week.

It’s true, if you look good you feel good. Then you can be more productive and more creative.

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