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My New Year’s Date

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Yes. I already have one, believe it or not.

One of my dear besties, who is organized beyond comprehension had already booked her flight and our hotel for the grand festivities at a lovely Washington, D.C. hotel sponsored by the local grown people’s radio station.

I’d been wanting to go to this event for probably the last three years.

Three years ago, I was unattached and a local friend who was supposed to go said it would be pointless because we’d have no dates and it seemed too “old” for her.

Two years ago, I was attached and one half of the couple who was supposed to join us, was totally against big parties.

One year ago, I was ending an engagement.

I’m actually looking forward to ringing in the new year this year with one of my most amazing, ride or die, seen-me-through-a-lot-of-mess-ugly-mess friends. She says what she means, she means what she says, and she’s going to be there on time and have enough money (even if it’s hidden in her bra).

Over this last year, with her listening ear and understanding of my penchant for Hooters wings and dark liquor, she’s seen me through possibly the worst of times and when we were in person, she came prepared to supply all of the aforementioned items.

Another thing about this friend that I adore is she won’t let me sulk for too long, but she allows me to and she will even do the ultimate anti-optimistic thing and agree that my situation sucks and is fucked up. She kindly reminds me that bail money is available certain times of the month after her bills have been paid of course, in case I am forced to react to things in a way that may not be rational or legal.

We’ll be dressed to the 12s and we are going to sing loudly and badly, raise our glasses, and if we don’t rustle up some men to kiss at midnight, it ain’t gonna matter, because one of the people I have always been able to depend on, will be right there.

It’s been a stellar year for her. She got her Masters, she got a great job in a career where I know she’s going to have an excellent future, she lends her time and talents to wonderful causes and she’s just doing her right now in a most fabulous way.

We will celebrate that in the year two-thousand and eleven, she thrived, and I survived. (Tee shirts?? I can wear one that says with an arrow, “2011 she thrived” and she can wear one with an arrow that said “2011 she survived”)

When the clock strikes midnight, we will celebrate that we are leaving the old and raggedy and triflin behind (Praise Jesus). We will celebrate what’s new, and the fact that we still can’t get rid of one another for yet another year.

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