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Passing Along a Great Throwback Blog

Salvatore Vuono/freedigitalphotos.net

I’ve been thinking about passion (not the open-mouthed, french-kissing, loin-tingly kind, but the one in the heart that beckons you to do something greater and for the greater good).

It seems that me and all of my friends are doing the obligatory pre-30 self-inventory about what’s important and if we are doing what we should be doing for the rest of their lives and will it be enough? We all have been grappling with knowing our passion may not be fiscally comfortable (for awhile) but one thing is clear– something’s just not right about our current direction.

One of my friends just told me this week that at 32, she has to constantly remind herself she is not a failure because she isn’t where she thought she’d be by now. I had to tell her, this economy has been a killer and is the main contributor as to why it appears she hasn’t gotten to where she wants to be, particularly in the industry she’s in. She’s totally capable, but these times are straight ugly.

I understand completely.

Look no further than the past at this blog from 11points.com, circa 2009. They mention folks who totally changed up the game at or after 30, and that’s when they became truly successful and even famous. Which gives me hope and encouragement that I can indeed become a success with the business I plan to launch.

Folks like action star Sly Stallone (deli clerk), mogul/ex-con Martha Stewart (stockbroker), and opera legend Andrea Bocelli (laywer) all flipped the script and decided to follow their hearts, and clearly raging success wasn’t far behind. Read the rest of the really fascinating list. I didn’t know Julia Child was a spy for the U.S. government before she taught the world how to cook a mean bird or speaking of chicken,  KFC’s Col. Sanders seemed to have a colorful resume prior to becoming the king of poultry later on in life.

Today’s take away message is hopes and dreams don’t have an expiration date and that sometimes changing course is necessary to get to your greater self. I’m inspired.

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