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The Hottest Reality Star That Ain’t On T.V.

I like reality shows, I really do.

But I don’t like the effect it’s starting to have on people. Especially young women. I can’t tell you how many times I hear folks my age and younger who don’t necessarily want to be Kim Kardashian or have her rep, but they want her “life.”

It just really pisses me off. While she and her sisters came out with a really solid, successful line at Sears (there’s a pair of faux leather pants I really want), this reality star worship is really getting on my nerves. I couldn’t believe there was a line wrapped around the block and a wait time of 30 minutes just to get into Kim K’s Soho store Dash when I was back in NYC a few weeks ago.

With all the hair pulling and backstabbing of the Basketball wives, or any of the Housewives of Anyplace, it makes me long for the day when women were ladies. I think of people like my mom, and aunts and teachers and such who managed to work hard all day, give back to not only their own families, but their community and still manage to look pretty fabulous in the process even though they were dead tired.

Today it seems we put undeserving people on pedestals because they are rich and beautiful (regardless if that wealth was earned or the beauty manufactured and paid for), meanwhile, the women around us, who work hard, who nurture us and pick us up when we are down are often brushed to the side, taken for granted and taken advantage of. If you are reading this blog, you are probably totally one of those people.

So I’ve decided.

If you are getting up every morning to go to work or school even when you know you don’t feel like it and even when you have a couple of sick days to burn, if you are being responsible with your money and paying your bills instead of being reckless at the mall, if you are a mom, an auntie or someone’s mentor, then you, my dear are the REAL reality stars.

Will we get endorsements and fragrances? Probably not. But make sure you show some love to someone who is working really hard who often goes unnoticed. If no one has noticed you lately, know that I do and I appreciate you too! You and I are the realest reality stars out there.

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