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29 to Life

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On February 3, 2012, I will be 30 years old.

Our society has a serious obsession/paranoia concerning the third decade of life that kind of reminds me of the fear, anxiety and wonder associated with the start of the new millenium in the year 2000.

There was an overwhelming fascination with Y2K. The funny thing is everyone from religious zealots, to Wall Street analysts, to computer geeks just knew once that clock struck midnight on 1-1-00, something huge was going to happen.

Either the end of the world was going to go down, or all of our precious information from bank accounts to government secrets stored in computers was going to go into oblivion. One thing was for certain. Global chaos would ensue.

But as everyone made their peace with God and held their breath that New Year’s eve, 2000 rolled in non-chalantly, with a wiry grin, in the kind of arrogant way Ashton Kutcher would walk in and tell people they’ve been “punked” after some cruel prank. There may have been a few technical glitches, but nothing to the level everyone feared. A senior in high school at the time, I was just disappointed we all weren’t driving around in flying cars like the Jetsons. I was relieved I was going to live to go to the prom, graduate and go to college after all.  

Barely a few months into 29, I’m starting to think that 30 may roll in the exact same way, despite the fear and anxiety everyone consciously or subconsciously tries to instill in me.  

 I started this blog because friends and family have been talking to me about turning 30 since I turned 25.

“You got a few more years to do such and such, cuz when you’re 30, that’s just not cool anymore.” 

“Oooh, you need to get married/buy a house/start a family/make x amount of money by 30.”

What tickles me most about the pheneomonon of 30 is people take the news of turning the big 3-0 two different ways.

The folks who are trying to get everything they can out of their system that they feel may no longer be socially acceptable once they hit 30.

And the folks who are preparing for 30 so by stopping foolish behavior or becoming more responsible so it won’t be such a rough transition by the time they get there.

I honestly don’t know who has the right plan, so that’s why I’m going to talk about this stuff with all of you. Sometimes it’s going to be hysterical and sometimes it may be a little sad. Either way, I have a feeling 29 will be far from boring. I also have a feeling 30 won’t be some kind of  a life sentence of 24-7 maturity and bland living.

No doubt I’ll be wiser, but life is life. And no matter what the age it’s still going to be just as messy, filled with mistakes and blunders, triumphs and trials.

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